Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 | Mumbai

Hello All,

I’m Pawan Tejani, I live in a Mumbai Suburb called Ulhasnagar about 50~ kilometers away from Mumbai and like all , I Love Lord Ganesh too. My memories of Lord Ganesh date back to 1996 when I was a Kid and me and my friends used to rejoice that we will get to decorate the mandap for our Lord to arrive and we will get to spend a lot of time together chanting Lord Ganesh’s arrival Slogans, dancing on Bands, playing games entire day, getting to spend entire night out of home with friends in the Building Premises. I’m sure everyone reading this will remember their own stories and that era of playing Carom, Card Games & Board Games. We all have grown up now and we all seem to be stuck with our personal responsibilities.

However while all of the things have changed our love for Ganapati Bappa hasn’t changed ! True That ! If you want a proof of that , just Yell “Ganapati Bappa” You will hear someone responding back either loudly or silently but you will get a response “Morya” which proves the love for our Bappa.

To quote an example of the same, I’d like to shat how my Wife behaves like a notorious stubborn child who wants to see Lal Baug Ka Raja every year and I mean it Every Year, she has been visiting the Lal Baug from last 11 Years now! yes she is that Stubborn when it comes to Bappa and I’ve been her partner since the last 6 years now !  Ah What !! Yes its True, that’s the magic.

Come What May she will keep on asking , ” When are we visiting Lal Baug ka Raja ! he is waiting to meet me ?” sounds kiddish right ! Yah ! that’s the Magical Spell of Ganapaati Bappa and all the followers.

and yes we did visit Lal Baug Ka Raja on the very first day. the Energy of People wanting  to see the Idol of Lord Ganesha at Lal Baug Ka Raja Mandal is just out of this world.

I’d like to share my Experience this year of our Favorite Pandal. Lal Baug Ka Raja.

Lal Baug Ka Raja – Head Quarters for Lord Ganesha in Mumbai.

There he is Sitting on his Throne, Smiling , Blessing All.

Ganpati Bappa ! Morya ! Mangal Murti ! Morya !


Pawan Tejani.